• Model: AP-FRS-174
  • Shipping Weight: 13lbs
  • Manufactured by: Agency Power
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Turbulent air in a car or a plane is not something you want to experience. In a cars intake system, the smoother the airflow is, the more power an engine has because of these flow characteristics. Turbulent air can make the throttlebody struggle to get in what it needs to push your vehicles engine to the limits. The stock intake hose between the throttlebody and MAF sensor has 2 issues from the factory. First, is the corregated part of the hose. This is not smooth inside causing turbulence to the air flow pattern. The silicone intake hose by Agency Power is all smooth inside. Its mandrel design allows for small flex while the 1 piece part gives a less restrictive bend. No ridges or sharp bends means faster, smoother air flow. The second issue is the intake noise box. This is great to hear your engine in the stock form, but that small split in the factory intake hose does not allow for a perfect, smooth air flow. In fact if you have an intake on your car or exhaust, that part is useless. You just remove the smaller add on hose and the new Agency Power silicone intake hose does its job! With this silicone intake hose by Agency Power, expect to feel better throttle response, more low end torque, and better acceleration on the mid to top end RPMs. This part is available in blue or red silicone with white AP logo. It is designed to fit the Scion FR-S | Toyota GT-86 | Subaru BR-Z 2013 and up with a stock or stock style intake system.